Kate Grieve

Vision Insitute, France

Research director and team leader at the Vision Institute, Paris; scientific director of the “Paris Eye Imaging” ocular imaging unit, at the Quinze Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital, Paris; and president and founder of startup SharpEye, is an expert in optical imaging. Her research aims to develop non-invasive optical measurements of retinal cell structure and function in the living human eye, as well as in cell cultures in the lab. This development contributes to significantly improving the diagnosis and monitoring of ophthalmological pathologies, as well as to evaluating the results of innovative therapies. She was recently awarded a prestigious 5 year ERC Consolidator Grant, the “ilab” innovation award, the “Jean Jerphagnon” prize for optics and the “Innovators Prize” of the Paris region.

Imaging retinal organoids with dynamic full field optical coherence tomography

Dynamic full field optical coherence tomography (DFFOCT) allows label free live imaging of 2D and 3D cell cultures in the lab. I highlight recent technical developments, including strategies for long term imaging of retinal organoids cultured for disease modeling, and present results on retinal degeneration models.