Christel Genoud

UoL, Swtzerland

Christel Genoud is responsible of the EM facility at University of Lausanne and Adjunct Professor at EPFL. As CEO of the Dubochet Center, she is coordinating the activities of 3 cryo-EM platforms offering single particles and cryo-tomography workflows while offering all the volumeEM and classical techniques to researchers.

From 2009 to 2020, she was Head of Facility for Imaging and Microscopy at Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel (a Novartis Research Foundation affiliated to the University of Basel) based on volume SEM techniques. During the period 2016-2020, head of the FMI cryo-EM facility shared with Novartis.

She did her PhD at UNIL in 2006 studying the plasticity of the mouse cortex by TEM serial sections.

From plastic to cryo: workflows to explore tissue at ultrastructural level

Summary: In this talk, a set of workflows designed to assist researchers in choosing and applying the most suitable electron microscopy (EM) methods for their specific biological questions will be discusses. The focus will be on demonstrating how these workflows, ranging from traditional plastic embedding to advanced cryo-preservation techniques, enable the detailed exploration of tissue at the ultrastructural level.

By showcasing various examples, I will illustrate how our platforms facilitates the optimal use of different EM techniques, ensuring that our users can obtain the most accurate and insightful results for their research. Whether addressing structural biology, cellular interactions, or molecular mechanisms, this presentation will highlight the versatility and precision of our EM workflows in advancing scientific understanding.